Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter bunny

Along with the hordes of pademelons and wallabies in our front paddock every night, recently we've had more intruders of the feral and fluffy-tailed variety - rabbits. We see them bolting across the driveway as we turn in at night and they leave tell-tale little piles of evidence on patches of bare ground. They are also venturing into the yard, so we decided to try to reduce the population of non-native animal visitors.

He was a day late, but this little guy was in the trap when we got up this Easter Monday morning. I feel half-inspired by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on River Cottage last week to try cooking them (don't mind a bit of rabbit stew) but in the end we did not eat this one. Maybe the next unfortunate bunny who walks into the trap will make it to the pot.


  1. Cute bunny! I'd eat it.....if I knew how to humanely kill and process it. They are so destructive up here in QLD......but soooooooo much a hare more than a cute fluff ball.

  2. There certainly seem to be a lot of rabbits around this year in our area. I hate the thought of killing them - but I do enjoy a good rabbit stew!