Thursday, April 20, 2017

Adamsons Falls

After an easy stroll of one hour return to Duckhole Lake on Monday, I drove a short distance up the road to the start of the Adamsons Falls track. It was a perfect sunny autumn day. This was a varied walk, including grey mud, red mud, brown mud... nah, only joking. As much as I didn't enjoy the cutting grass and mud sections, they were interspersed with such beautiful trees (including many of my favourite, the myrtle beech), ups and downs, fallen trees, singing lyrebirds, colourful fungi, finally arriving on the mid-platform of the falls. The walk takes about two hours return. I can't believe I did not pick up any leeches on this walk, but I did find one on my wrist after pruning a couple of trees in my garden on the weekend.

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